Electrically driven steam compressor used to compress vacuum steam . This forms part of a highly energy efficient falling film evaporator used to concentrate effluents and recover water for ultimate re-use in the primary process.

Process Development

Our wide experience makes it possible to work closely with our customers in developing existing and new thermal processes. These can bring significant financial advantages, including reduced capital and operating costs, and can lead to the introduction of improved products.

Troubleshooting (cont.)

Earlier this year we were contacted by a company that had purchased and installed this second hand evaporator, as they were experiencing many problems with operating the equipment.
Having solved the immediate technical problems and put the evaporator into operation, we have now established some of the limitations of the present evaporator arrangement. Several options have been identified for modifying the plant to achieve the required duty, and discussions with the customer are ongoing.

Moral : If you try to cut corners at the start of a project, it will cost time and money in the end.

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